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Monte Comino, Centovalli Ticino

Because the nature
                 is important to us ...

National park Procekt of the Locarnese

The "Parco Nazionale del Locarnese"is a community project of 14 communities and 14 townships of the region to support the protection of this area of extraordinary uniqure beauty. It stretches from the Brissago islands of the Lago Maggiore to Bosco Gurin village, the only Walser settlement in Tessin. From a stretch of only 35 km the area rises to 191 m above sea level near the shore of the sea up to 2.863 m above sea level of the Wandfluhhorn (Pizzo Biala) and climate changes from subtropical to apline.

The goal is to enahnce the value of this region in cooperation with several councils, unions and the populace to promote tourism which will give regional products a new impulse and support sustainable development.

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